Axler Hammerhead Pro Follow Focus




Featuring solid metal construction and minimal gearbox play, the Axler Hammerhead Pro Follow Focus earns the "Pro" moniker. The knurled hand wheel rotates smoothly and has built-in hard stops for repeatable focus pulls. Alternatively, release the hard stops and mark your focus points on the marking disk for visual aid, visible from the operator and assistant positions. Camera assistants will also appreciate the presence of an ARRI standard accessory port for whips, cranks, and other focusing accessories A 0.8 MOD drive gear is included for meshing with standard cinema lens gearing, or with the included lens gear which can be installed on DSLR or mirrorless camera lenses that don't already have gearing. With the quick release mechanism, the Hammerhead Pro can be easily installed on rigs that employ 15mm LWS rods without disrupting other mounted accessories, such as matte boxes or lens supports. This saves valuable time on set.


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