Axler Recodo Articulating Monitor Arm




Specifically designed for mounting your on-camera monitor to 15mm rods, the Axler MAR-11 Recodo Articulating Monitor Arm is a 11" long articulating arm that supports up to 6 pounds. It is machined from a metal alloy for strength and features three points of articulation that tighten and loosen using a single spring-loaded locking lever. The MAR-11 features 15mm diameter short rods on the end of each ball joint, as opposed to the usual 1/4"-20 threaded studs. An included anti-twist monitor plate attaches to your on-camera monitor and has a built-in 15mm rod clamp, which allows you to quickly mount and remove your monitor from the arm. All locking levers are spring-loaded and provide good leverage when you need to tighten or loosen the arm. The center pivot features rosettes on each arm to hold fast and secure loads up to 6 pounds.


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