Axler Spruce Professional Video Monopod




The VM-2370CF/VH-11 Spruce from Axler is a professional video-support kit that includes a carbon fiber monopod with feet and a counterbalanced fluid head. With numerous different functions available to the user, the VM-2370CF/VH-11 can be used in a variety of ways as support for both video and stills. In its native configuration the monopod uses a ball-jointed foot to smoothly pan and pivot without staggering or troublesome vibration. Three fold-away feet attached to the bottom of the base help to provide stability on nearly any surface and can be locked in place along with the ball-joint to give the monopod semi-standing capability. Accompanying the monopod's pivoting foot is the VH-11 fluid head to provide the user with smooth pans and tilts from the top of the monopod, which complements the base's pivoting foot. Equipped with a long, adjustable handle, the user can accurately guide and control the head's fluid movement to simulate short tracking and boom effects. The head also features a dual lock contr...


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