Bachmann Mini port replicator Black




Internet connection, power supply, screen connection – the mini-port replicator bundles everything, WAS needs a laptop and integrates it clearly into a connection panel. Thus, the entire arrangement of the desk can be used with only one cable and the work area remains cable-free.Docking stations, port replicators and similar devices only provide one cable to power the laptop. However, they lay the interfaces on the work surface and consume space. With the mini-port replicator this interface is now integrated into A DESK 2, Power FRAME or other connection point. It is connected via USB-C - and the laptop is supplied with power, projected on a screen and is connected to the Internet. Additional devices can be connected via USB-A. The entire system works Plug&PlayExplanations: USB A port Additional USB A port for data (such USB memory, adapter for wireless mouse/keyboard, data transfer from mobile phones, etc.) USB C connection Connect via USB-C cable to PC / phone, at 2. Screen:To charge, to charge, to the I...