Workbench Croc Lock Compact



The workbench Croc Lock Compact by Batavia is a powerful work and clamping system for the workshop, the garage, during alterations or in the garden. Thanks to the three legs, the frame finds a secure footing on almost all surfaces and thus allows a pleasant work with many workpieces. Depending on the setting, workpieces with a width of up to 95.6 cm can be firmly held in the clamping system. Clamping is done by the foot pedal, which provides a compressive force of up to 1000 kg. The hands remain completely solid, so that the workpiece can be positioned exactly. For a high level of safety and against accidental loosening there is a lock that locks the foot pedal. For example, the workbench is suitable for grinding or cutting work, the repair of bicycles or the manufacture of firewood. The legs are foldable, which allows the factory system to save space.


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