Battle Born Batteries Battle Born Batteries CSL500 Current Surge Limiter




The CSL500 Current Surge Limiter is a FET-based current limiting device that is to be used with Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 battery packs when they are used in conjunction with large (greater than 4kW) inverter/chargers. The device is mounted permanently in series between the negative pole of the battery bank and the negative DC input terminal of the inverter/charger. The device protects the battery management system (BMS) from damage caused by the initial current spike that is created when connecting directly to the large capacitors (> 5 milliFarads) that are typically on the DC input side of the inverter/chargers. The device allows the batteries to slowly charge the capacitors (within 1 ms). This soft start avoids the high-current shutoff inherent to the BMS of the batteries.