Belkin Secure Flip KVM Switch KVM / audio switch - 2 ports




Dedicated processors with emulators for every portIsolated port paths for video and audio to prevent data leaks between computers. Unidirectional data pathsOptical data diodes prevent peripherals from being used to breach systems. Display securityProtected display interface prevents data leakage via the monitor. Peripheral managementUSB device detection prevents unauthorized peripheral usage. Anti-tamperingInternal electrical sensors render unit inoperable if opened. Secure labelingHolographic tamper-evident product label provides visual indication and prevention of tampering. Fast switchingNo keyboard or mouse delays when switching ports. High retention connectorsSemi-locking USB ports prevent accidental disconnection. Secure packagingTamper-evident packaging ensures product is not tampered with during transport. Designed for Secure Desktops in 2-network environments: cost-effective, small footprint Real-time switching: offering an uninterrupted user experience Remote control: RC unit for easy placement &...


1Product Data Sheet / BrochureEN22023-01-01