BLOOMABLES 2 Qt. Bloomables Dapper White Buddleia Butterfly Bush with White Flowers in Stadium Pot




The Bloomables collection is made up of the best flowering shrubs that are easy to grow, offer high reward in the garden and have been carefully selected to look good in the garden. Bright colors, unique textures and of course, amazing blooms, make this collection one-of-a-kind. These premium young dormant plants ship in a 2 qt. pot, without leaves nor flowers in it's sleeping beauty stage as its all about starting with a solid foundation of roots. Dormant potted plants are less likely to be shocked by adverse shipping conditions and/or initial planting and save; shipping weight, time and money. Butterfly Bush Dapper White, Buddleia davidii 'Dapconwhi' PP33,566, from Bloomables is the best compact Buddleia out there. Also known as Butterfly Bush. This ornamental deciduous shrub is exceptionally free-flowering and will produce new blooms throughout the season and into the fall. This compact and mounded variety offers non-brittle branches, as well as new blooms that bury older spent flowers, which means less...


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