Cafe Appliances Cafeā„¢ 36" Smart All-Gas Commercial-Style Range with 6 Burners (Natural Gas)




* Gas Caterer Oven: Gas Caterer Oven A large 6.2 cu ft. capacity oven fits a full-size catering pan and has three racks, a Gas Bake and Dual Power Broil system for even heating and Precision Oven modes to help guarantee results for meals of any size * Superior Heat Distribution: Superior Heat Distribution The industry-exclusive Inspiral burner swirls the cooktop flame under cookware to more evenly spread heat from the center to the edges * Multi-Ring Burner: Multi-Ring Burner A versatile burner offers different-sized flame rings on a single burner element, so it's like having multiple burners in one * Two High-Heat Burners: Boil water quickly with two 18,000-BTU Power Boil burners that give you more cooking power * Built-in WiFi: Built-in WiFi This smart oven features WiFi connection so you can control oven functions with the SmartHQ app on your smart device. * Precision Temperature Probe: Precision Temperature Probe An innovative temperature probe that helps you achieve the perfect level of doneness for o...


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