Caleffi Fixed Point Manifold Mixing Station w/ UPS15-58FC Pump (5 Outlets)




The 172 series manifold mixing station is designed for use in manifold-based hydronic distribution systems. The 172 station, like the TWISTFLOWTM Series 668S1 distribution manifolds, can be configured with 3 to 13 circuit outlets offering similar benefits with built-in sight flow meters/adjustable balancing valves, and optional TWISTOPTM thermo-electric zone actuators. The manifold mixing station incorporates a thermostatic actuator with built-in sensor which keeps the flow temperature at a constant set value for use in low temperature systems such as floor radiant panels. A removable primary circuit hydraulic separator with check valve is also supplied. The hydraulic separator is essential when there is a primary circuit circulation pump and when radiator circuits or fan coils are controlled by thermostatic or thermo-electric valves. When connecting to a Caleffi HYDROLINKTM or hydraulic separator without a primary pump, the hydraulic separator can be removed and the manifold mixing station can be connecte...


1Installation ManualEN,FR82022-11-23
2Product OverviewEN22022-03-23