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Flat PAR Can RGB 10 IR



The Flat RGB Can RGB 10 IR is a flat RGB PAR projector e lightweight with a projection angle of 14 ° and offers a multitude of functions and effects. With a total of 144 LEDs wide and extremely bright from 10mm the projector provides mix of bright and intense colors. The cooling system passive ensures silent operation. The housing Compact ABS is equipped with double adjustable brackets, grips of DMX output input in XLR format and IEC network sockets for a simple series connection up to 10 devices. The Cameo Flat PAR Can RGB 10 IR also has a remote control Optional IR, four DMX modes, Sound Control and keys Mode, Enter, Value Up and Value Down. The projector can be used as a master, slave or stand-alone device and has consumption of only 15 W with maximum energy savings. An infrared remote control is available as an accessory optional.