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Wookie 400 RGB



The Wookie 400 RGB has a power of 400mW and projects animations in red, green and blue with diode and laser DPSS. The diameter of the emission beam is 3mm with one reduced divergence of 2 mrad. Equipped with 32 exceptional presets and 5kpps high-speed stepper motors with an angle of 60 ° scan, Wookie series lasers generate bright dynamic animations with extremely light beams sharp. They can be controlled via DMX 3 mode channels and 9 channels or adjustable microphone in the sensitivity and used as master, slave or stand-alone. The Compact and robust cases of Wookie lasers are made in lightweight aluminum and equipped with 3 DMX connections poles, an IEC mains socket and an adjustment bracket e assembly. A key switch prevents non-use authorized, while the four display keys allow to perform manual adjustments without problems. All lasers Wookie is equipped with a practical infrared remote control.