CASL Brands 12 in. 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller for Releasing Muscle Tension




This vibrating massaging foam roller will help enhance any warmup or cool-down routine. Use it to ease tense muscles outside of workouts. The roller features an EVA polypropylene high-density foam construction doesn't lose its shape. Plus, it has a specially-designed knob texture to target the stubborn muscles/tissues of the body. The additional feature of the 3-speed vibration adds extra power behind the massage to leave the body feeling better after a hard workout or long day. The lowest setting is perfect for longer sessions of stretching/massage. The medium intensity setting is great for targeting muscles after weight training sessions, runs or hard workouts. The high-intensity speed setting provides the deepest massage for the muscles that need the most pressure. To use, simply add (4) C batteries (not included) and choose a speed (low, medium or high).


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