Coast RL22R 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Battery LED Power Headlamp




Dial your light to get it just right. The RL22R rechargeable headlamp features Variable Light Control technology that allows you to brighten or dim the light to match the situation perfectly. 2 independently controlled beams-the Ultra View Flood Beam and BULLS-EYE Spot Beam-can combine to shine 1000 Lumens when the dial is all the way up. Intuitive controls on top of the light also operate red and green LEDs from their own switch. At the back of the head strap, the integrated Coast ZITHION rechargeable battery pack features a rear-facing safety signal that shines in solid red or flashing red with its own on/off switch. The headlamp's Rechargeable Plus power system can receive a secondary, booster battery pack (sold separately) that snaps into position on top of the integrated battery-allowing twice the run time for long shifts or convenience in off-grid locations. Monitor the battery life indicator to know when you to need to plug in and recharge via USB-C. Constructed of top-grade materials, the RL22R is ...