CSI Bathware Rectangular, Phenolic Slatted Folding Shower Seat with Adjustable Legs in White




Most of us want to remain at home for as long as possible as we age. However, as we mature, slipping and falling while bathing and showering can be a common occurrence. Installing a shower seat provides security and allows elderly and physically disabled people to remain independent in the privacy of their bathroom. The water-resistant phenolic shower seat is sanitary, durable and easy to clean. It folds up against the wall when not in use. The snug hinges make sure the folding shower seat stays in place both in the raised and lowered positions. When correctly installed, this shower seat supports more than 250 lbs. and is designed to be maintenance free. The base of this high-quality shower seat is constructed of heavy-duty, rust-resistant 304 stainless steel tubing. The seat measures 32 in. in width and 16 in. in width. The completely waterproof seat base is made up of 6 white, heavy-duty, 1/2 in. thick phenolic slats which are bolted to the frame and provide excellent drainage. Shower seat is installed u...