DAICH Textured 1 gal. Raw Gray Interior Exterior Bonding Primer Penetrating Anti-Slip




DAICH Textured Primer is a high-performance multi-purpose primer that delivers a very durable initial bond for water-based concrete floor paints. It imparts excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces, as well as slip-resistant texture that can transmit through most paint top-coats for added foot traction. Used as part of a DAICH decorative concrete finish system, Textured Primer penetrates and locks firmly onto concrete and more, while creating an ideal bonding base for any of the DAICH decorative stone concrete coatings that follow. It masks blotchy color and repairs and also acts as the visible grout joint in patterned tile and stone designs using DAICH Concrete Stencils or Grout Line Pattern Tape. DAICH Textured Primer is also breathable, which encourages the escape of moisture vapor through the coating to help avoid problems with trapped moisture in the slab. It delivers resilient hold through the seasons and helps your new concrete surface transformation last.