Daikin MXS Wall Mounted 2-Zone System - 48,000 BTU Outdoor - 15k + 24k Indoor - 18.8 SEER




Daikin has firmly established themselves as a world leader in heating and cooling equipment manufacturing, and their ductless systems are no exception. The D2H48W15240000 pairs Daikin\\\'s lastest in condensing technology with a pair of quiet, easy t...


1BPMKS048A2U Installation ManualEN182022-11-23
2BPMKS048A2U SubmittalEN32022-11-23
3FTXS Installation ManualEN142022-11-23
4FTXS Operation ManualEN422022-11-23
5FTXS15LVJU SubmittalEN32022-11-23
6FTXS24LVJU SubmittalEN32022-11-23
7MXS BrochureEN62022-11-23
8MXS Multi-Zone BrochureEN62022-11-23
9RMXS48LVJU Installation ManualEN192022-11-23
10RMXS48LVJU SubmittalEN32022-11-23