Daikin Aurora Concealed Duct 3-Zone System - 24,000 BTU Outdoor - 7k + 7k + 12k Indoor - 14.0 SEER




Daikin has firmly established themselves as a world leader in heating and cooling equipment manufacturing, and their mini splits are no exception. The Aurora Series pairs Daikin\\\\\\\'s latest in condensing technology with quiet, easy to install, co...


13MXL24RMVJUA Installation ManualEN202022-11-23
23MXL24RMVJUA SubmittalEN72022-11-23
3Aurora BrochureEN82022-11-23
4Aurora Service ManualDE,EN2772022-11-23
5CDXS07LVJU Installation ManualEN142022-11-23
6CDXS07LVJU SubmittalEN32022-11-23
7FDXS12LVJU Installation ManualEN142022-11-23
8FDXS12LVJU Owners ManualEN302022-11-23
9FDXS12LVJU SubmittalEN22022-11-23
10Mini Splits BrochureEN82022-11-23
11MXS Multi-Zone BrochureEN62022-11-23