DAMTITE 50 lb. 02551 Heavy Duty Powder Waterproofer in Gray




Heavy duty, Portland cement-base, waterproofing coating for sealing, protecting, and decorating walls and surfaces constructed of poured concrete, concrete/cinder block, masonry, stone, brick, or stucco. Safe coating for sealing the inside of drinking water concrete tanks and cisterns. Easy to use; just add water (plus Damtite Bonding Additive for previously-painted or non-porous surfaces) and mix. Follow Damtite's recommended Step 1 - Prepare the surface (Damtite Concrete Cleaner); Step 2 - Repair the Surface (Damtite Hydraulic Cement); and Step 3 - Decorate and Waterproof (Damtite Waterproofers). Eliminates dampness; resists mold/mildew and flaking/chalking while beautifying and sealing all pores and voids. Unlike ready-mix paints which can only be applied to dry surfaces, this product is made for use on wet or dry surfaces. It withstands over 22 psi of hydrostatic pressure (equal to holding back a 48 ft. high wall of water). Plus, it is breathable, so moisture does not get trapped behind the surface. It...


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