Dangerous Music - Eight-Channel Reference Grade Digital to Analog Converter




Designed by Chris Muth and Paul Messick for reference-grade monitoring and audiophile listening, the Dangerous Music CONVERT-2 carries on the company's legacy of creating world class converters. From a ground up approach and with a zero-compromise attitude for sound quality, Muth took special care in the analog circuit design and low pass filtering of the 1 RU unit. The digital JetPLL ultra-low jitter digital clocking was refined by Paul Messick to a point of almost zero jitter. The 8 channel converter is appropriate for tracking, mixing, and mastering with a sound signature that has been described as both true and beautiful. Suitable for use with a summing mixer or for working in 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 surround formats, the rear panel of the converter features 1x D-Sub connector for analog outputs 1-8, 1x D-Sub connector for AES/SPDIF In and Thru 1-8, 2x ADAT Inputs, 1x WC input, 1x WC output, 1x Optical S/PDIF input, 1x USB Type-B input, 1x RJ-45 remote in connector for the Monitor ST, and 1x RJ-45 remote thr...