DECA Starting charger




Charging of lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. The DECA CLASSBOOSTER 400E pre-charging device is designed to charge 12/24 V batteries - WET, AGM, GEL, Sa, and also to start automobile engines. The feature of the equipment is the ability to adjust the charge current and the start, as well as the presence of fast charging with a timer On the front panel there are control buttons for selecting a 12/24 V battery, battery charge or starting the engine, as well as the charge mode and ammeter, which is used to monitor the operation of the equipment Operating current Hovhan battery 40 Amp, but it is regulated. At the same time, the equipment can charge two connected batteries at 190 Ah Start-up charging starting current 270/400 Amp Charging device equipped with short circuit protection, overload protection and incorrect polarity For ease of transport, the equipment is equipped with a wheelbase