Dedeco Sunburst 1 in. Radial Discs - 1/8 in. 1 mic Ultra-Fine Arbor Rotary Cleaning and Polishing Tool (12-Pack)




Dedeco SUNBURST RADIAL DISCS generate minimal dust and heat and eliminate the need for polishing compound. No matter what the material being worked, SUNBURST RADIAL DISCS are the absolute best for finishing and polishing hard-to-access areas without removing detail or causing flat spots. The sharp, clean, specially treated ceramic abrasive grain imbedded throughout their thin flexible bristles enable them to work faster and last-longer than rubber wheels, brushes, buffs and conventional sanders. Recommended operating speeds for most applications is 3,000 RPM to 18,000 RPM (5,000 RPM for wood working). Lower speeds allow a softer touch, greater flexibility and more subtle results. Higher speeds provide more aggressive material removal. Using the tips of the bristles with light pressure maximizes disc life.