Denver Balance scooter with built-in rechargeable battery 2 x 350W engines, up to 15km/h, range up to 15km per charge, 6,5" wheel size




* Balance scooter * Self balancing when turned on * 2x350W engines & dual balancing system * Very stable and has an easy learning curve * Runs up to 15km/h with alarm at 12km/h * Range per charge - up to 15km * Aluminium rims with rubber tires for extra grip * 6.5” wheel size * Hard ABS body casing - Maximum load: 120Kg * LED light in front of the board * Built-in rechargeable battery (36V~4000mAh) - Full charge takes approximately 4 hours. * Rotate 360° fast on the spot (can rotate without moving forwards or backwards)


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