Denver 10.1” digital Wi-Fi photoframe with FRAMEO photo software This is a new social way to share pictures with friends and family. IPS touchscreen gives good sharp pictures




* Smart 10.1” digital Wi-Fi photoframe with IPS touchscreen * Preinstalled FRAMEO software that enables you to make personal photo frame functions * Download app to your smartphone, and then push photos & videos through to the FRAMEO photoframe - This is perfect if you give the Frameo to a family member etc. * Frameo is a new type of social media based on photos - Have hundreds of friends pushing pictures & videos directly to your photoframe. * Send your family or friends the newest pictures & videos from Christmas, when you are on vacations etc. * Add text to the pictures * FRAMEO photoframe gives photosharing a new and much more personal touch * The owner of the FRAMEO photoframe are in control. You decide who shall be able to send you pictures & videos, you can invite friends, family etc. * 10.1” IPS touchscreen with resolution: 800x1280 * Set time for rotation of pictures between 10 seconds & 30 mins. * Timer function to make the FRAMEO photoframe turn off automatically at night. You can e.g. set it to...


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