Denver 8” Bluetooth trolley speaker with built-in rechargeable battery & lights USB & SD card reader for MP3 playback, AUX input, Karaoke mic. included




* 8'' Bluetooth trolley speaker with rechargeable battery * Bluetooth, SD card slot & USB input for MP3 music playback & 3.5mm AUX input * Mic input & guitar input * Audio input & output * LED display on top * LED light for illumination * Power Output: 25W RMS * 7,4V 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside * Works both with built-in battery and with AC/DC 230V connection * Speaker size: 8" + 3” high pitch, with metal speaker grill * Trolley handle built-in * AC/DC 100-240V adaptor for charging included * Cabled microphone included


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