Designer Aire Fanity 10.5 in. 2-Speed LED 10X Magnification Vanity Mirror and Tower Fan




Looking your best is easy when you have an illuminated and magnified vanity mirrorthat alsoincludes a stylishtower. The Fanity will keep you cool while stylingy our hair and applying make-up with a gentile breeze by means of its ornate metal tower fan. The LED Lighted Vanity Mirror features a dual-sided, premium quality mirror with two magnifications. On one side, a10x magnification mirror allows you to see up-close and in detail, allowing for easy make-up application. The other side features a normal,1x magnification mirror that is great for checking hair and make-up. The vanitymirror lightsup with energy-saving LED bulbs that illuminate your entire face, allowing you to see the finest details in even the dimmest lighting.