Dolgin Engineering TC40 Four-Position Simultaneous Battery Charger for Sony BP-U30, BP-U60, BP-U90




The TC40-EX from Dolgin Engineering features integrated battery plates that support Sony and third-party BP-U30, BP-U60, and BP-U90 batteries. These batteries are used with Sony's PXW-FS7, PMW-EX1, PMW-EX3, PMW-100, PMW-200, and PMW-300 cameras. The TC40 has semi-independent channels and provides Dynamic Power Management (DPM) when charging four batteries. This means that it allocates more power to the battery that needs it the most first. Once battery levels are equal it charges all batteries simultaneously with equal power distribution. The result is that all batteries will be ready at the same time. Based on a capacity of 5600mAh, the TC40 delivers a complete charge in approximately 5.5 hours for four batteries or when you charge a single battery. With the battery plates built in, the battery contacts are ensured to remain more intact. Charge status is displayed per battery by indicator lights on the front panel. The TC40 comes with a U.S. power cord and supports worldwide power input via optional plug...


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