Dorman Diesel Decoder Diagnostic Scan Tool




The Diesel Decoder by Dorman HD Solutions and Diesel Laptops is a powerful, one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool that accurately delivers detailed information to your smartphone for all heavy duty truck makes, without the need for expensive code scanning hardware. A must-have for HD truck owner-operators and small commercial fleets, just plug it into a diagnostic port, sync it via Bluetooth to the free Diesel Decoder app, and immediately start reading all true system diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), including manufacturer-specific fault codes. The Diesel Decoder can save the cost of a tow or trip to the dealer because it seamlessly connects to the extensive Diesel Laptops knowledge base to identify required repairs and can clear DTCs by instantly cross-referencing fault repair recommendations. Other features are delivered through app updates, making the Diesel Decoder an even better value over time than ordinary handheld devices that require cumbersome and complicated update procedures. Features: * Powerful and a...