With the Blooming NB-R1060D popo shower you experience the completely new freshness experience for you and your family. The Popodusche is not only technically mature, but also a real eye-catcher by its simple and elegant design. The electrically powered model is a perfect alternative to naturally cleanse and feel good. The bidet function directly on your toilet you get an optimal cleaning of the intimate area with massage nozzle, anal and Ladyd├╝se. The automatic cleaning of the nozzles after each use provides optimal hygiene for your health. In addition, the toilet seat with automatic lowering via a seat heater; a seat sensor; An energy-saving feature and LED night light that will save your tired eyes from going to the toilet during the night. All functions are easily adjustable via remote control multi-level, so that you can adjust the Popo shower after a simple self-assembly on your existing toilet according to your wishes. Take back of electrical appliances