EasyLog Lascar EL-DATAPAD HandHeld Data Collector and Viewer




The EL-DATAPAD is a Handheld Programmable Data Collector and Viewer for the Lascar Temperature and Humidity USB Data Loggers. By Simply plugging a Lascar USB Data Logger into the USB Port on the Handheld datapad, the data logger can be relaunched in the field, ready to continue collecting vital data. The EL-DATAPAD can collect up to 8.5 Million Readings from up to 500 Lascar USB Data Loggers and view recorded data from 100 data loggers. The datapad features and 2.8" LCD full-color TFT Display with touch screen and rechargeable lithium polymer battery. All data is stored in a csv format for easy transfer to PC Computer and MAC using included micro USB Cable. The datapad is compatible with the following lascar data loggers: el-usb-1, el-usb-1-lcd, el-usb-1-pro, el-usb-2, el-usb-2+, el-usb-2-lcd, el-usb-2-lcd+, el-usb-tc, el-usb-tc-lcd and el-usb-lite. The EL-DATAPAD includes a Micro USB Cable, User Manual and Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery with each purchase.