Octatrack MKII



Elektron Octatrack DPS-1, an innovative sampler, extremely intuitive, perfect for live use, designed to dramatically revolutionize the concept of sampling. This tool specializes in sampling and manipulation of audio in time real. All signals that are routed to Octatrack become elastic: the speed of samples and loops can be changed to synchronize them to the sequencer BPM internal, and their tone can be adjusted without timing changes. Thanks to the new graphic interface and at the control panel, record an audio source with Octatrack is really easy: the audio championship is immediately available to be manipulated, edited and reproduced using tools called "Machines", with which to perform pitch scale, time stretch, reverse, loop and create complex effects in real time. Samples can be routed to the 8 tracks of the step sequencer inside, cut, reassembled and processed by effects and LFOs synchronized to BPM. The 8 audio tracks are added 8 more MIDI tracks * for external synth control, with arpeggio, LFO and C...


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