Element HZ Element-Hz™ Universal Single RCA-Style Cable (3 Meters)




This High Grade cable line from Element-Hz brings you the best of what’s important and was created for variety of applications. We’ve gone the extra mile and then some to create what we think are the best cables on the market…We made the connectors extra short for those tight installs, added extra shielding and used thicker gauge conductors to ensure true performance, and like all of our Element-Hz cables they come colored coded by length for easier identification. That said, we know you’re going to love these cables! So you might be wondering what makes this cable so universal. Well, this cable has more than just the ability to act as a simple digital audio cable…With our color coded system; you can either combine this cable with our Universal Dual RCA Style Cable to turn this cable into a component cable (Red, Blue, Green) or a composite cable (Red, White, Yellow) This means you stock less and you’re prepared for a variety of different installations! Genius? We think so... Our Round PVC Jacket is CL3 Rat...


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