Element HZ Element-Hz™ High Speed HDMI® Cable w/ Ethernet & Round Jacket (6 Meters / 19.7 ft)




A thinner, lighter cable jacket and a compact connector—we know these are key design elements for today's custom integrator. That's why we engineered our Element-Hz™ HDMI cables to make tight, low-profile installs effortless. Our cable's ultra-flexible jacket allows for easy 90° turns and the compact connector head makes it a breeze to install into any piece of equipment, no matter how small the space. And, rest assured that our HDMI cables deliver all of today's advanced video formats, even 4K! Element-Hz™ HDMI cables meet and exceed today's most advanced video formats—1080p, 4K, 3D, Deep Color, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-Master and Ethernet—all while performing better and costing less than any other cable on the market. The cable's round PVC jacket is extremely flexible and offers strong strain relief for those sharp 90° turns. Its lighter, thinner design allows for an easy fit behind your equipment. The modern display is thin – and they're only getting thinner. When they're up against a wall, a hulking HDMI c...


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