ELK OUTDOORS Essential Vapor Rectangular Recycled Plastic Outdoor Coffee Table




Create an oasis that lets you escape the hyper-connected world with the Eco-Friendly Essential Conversation Table. Treat yourself to the matching ELK OUTDOORS Essential Adirondack and begin recharging and reconnecting with nature in the most comfortable of ways. ELK OUTDOORS products have the look and feel of natural wood but are actually made from recycled raw materials. We understand the importance of responsible manufacturing which is why we recycle our raw materials and we operate a solar farm at our facility. The Essential Conversation Table is just that, essential. Wherever you go, your ELK OUTDOORS product will follow you through life and be there when you need that comfortable haven. With a 12-year residential warranty, you can be assured that no matter how real life gets, The Essential will always be there for you. Did we mention that it is water and weather resistant. Unlike wood, ELK OUTDOORS repels water and other liquids (like craft beer and wine) so its perfect for parties. This product comes...