Eurodib All Sides Flat Large Panini Grill With Dual Upper Plate, Removable, Front-Mounted Grease Drawer, Adjustable Thermostat in Stainless Steel.




This Eurodib SFE02360 is the best panini grill for your kitchen! It has dual upper plate configuration and independently controlled cook zones, it allows you to quickly prepare a combination of flatbread or Reuben sandwiches, wraps, chicken, and veggies. Or, during non-peak hours, you can use just one zone to save on energy consumption. No matter what you're making, the grill's self-balancing upper plate automatically adjusts to your food's thickness so you don't have to worry about smashed or unsightly product that may occur with fixed-hinge units.Eurodib Panini grills are commercially built for the demands of restaurants and caf├ęs. Heavy duty in construction, through the use of stainless steel and machined finished cast iron cooking plates.


1Panini Spec Sheet (1)EN22021-12-13