Feit Electric 300-Watt Equivalent Corn Cob High Lumen Daylight (5000K) HID Utility LED Light Bulb (4-Pack)




This C4000/5K/LEDG2/HDRP corn cob-shaped E26 (medium) base LED light bulb from Feit Electric provides maximum illumination for large rooms, barns, or anywhere you need more light. Each bulb comes with an E26 (medium) base to E39 (mogul) base adapter to easily upgrade HID non-ballast fixtures to LED. Energy-efficient LED technology puts out an ultrabright 4,000 Lumens using just 35-Watt, which is up to 88% better than the equivalent 300-Watt incandescent. These bulbs have an average life of 35,000 hours/32 years, are ROHS compliant and 100% Mercury-free. This LED light bulb has a working range of 120-Volt – 277 volts. This bulb can replace up to a 50W high pressure sodium HID light bulb. LED lights don’t need ballast and so can be used in any socket. If you are replacing a high-pressure sodium bulb, you will need to bypass the ballast which is a quick and easy procedure. You can then enjoy the energy savings, instant on, and brightness that LEDs provide.Corn cob shape light bulb with E26 (medium) base and i...


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