Felder Löttechnik ISO-Core "Clear" Sn100Ni+ Solder, lead-free Reel Sn99,25Cu0,7Ni0,05 0.250 kg 1 mm




High-quality lead-free solder wire for hand and automatic soldering in electrical engineering, electro-mechanics and electronics. The flux is characterized by high temperature resistance and does not spray during melting. An optimal wetting as well as the standard spreading values make this lead-free soldering wire a top product among the tube solders. The new flux formulation "Clear" is based on synthetic resins (free of colophony) and has been perfectly adapted to the new requirements of lead-free soldering technology: · High wetting speed and spread on all surfaces common in electronics · No (painful) flux spatter on the assembly, system parts or the hands of the user(s) · Crystal-clear flux residues for optimizing the optical impression · The lowest output and neutral odor reduces the stress on the workplace · Easily removable residues on soldering tips, these can be removed with conventional means (FIELDS Tinner, soldering sponge, metal wool) · 100MΩ-Test passed- can also be used in assembly productio...


1Certifications 2DE72021-09-26