Fill-Rite Piston Hand Pump with Meter, Suction Pipe, Discharge Hose, and Nozzle Spout




Fill-Rite's 5200 series is a piston hand pump that can be used to transfer gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and light oils. The FR156 model is the complete package in one box, coming with a 5200 series piston hand pump, 807C meter, 3/4" x 8' discharge hose, nozzle spout, and 41" steel suction pipe. Features: * Flowrate of 20 gallons per 100 strokes. * Comes with 3/4" x 8' discharge hose, and 35" telescoping steel suction pipe * 807C meter is a positive displacement meter with a 3 digit mechanical register. * Vacuum breaker and anti-siphon valve are included. * Pump can be padlocked or set up for reverse flow.


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