Fill-Rite Nextec Fuel Transfer Pump w/Mechanical Meter, Discharge Hose, & Ultra High Flow Auto Nozzle (Red)




Fill-Rite is produc to announce the newest extension of its continuous duty family with the release of the new Nextec AC models. These new fuel transfer pumps allow fleet managers to fuel all day with less downtime due to short duty cycles or overheating. Each model is able to transfer diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, bio-diesel up to B20, ethanol blends up to E15, and methonal up to 15%. Model NX25-120NB-AJ is a NPT threaded bung mounted 120V 25 GPM fuel transfer pump with a 1" x 18' discharge hose, 901C mechanical meter, and 1" ultra high flow automatic nozzle (red). Features: * Non-stop performance of continuous duty pumps eliminates downtime, saving time & money * With a variable speed motor, the pump actively adjusts its speed for optimal performance and improves suction lift * At less than 23 lbs, Nextec provides a hassle-free and strain-free installation * After 20 minutes of inactivity, the pump will automatically turn itself off, reducing energy costs * Intelligent tones simplify troub...


1Specification SheetEN22021-06-08
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