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* 4 Main system diagnosis: +Wide Vehicle Coverage: +Full OBDII Diagnosis: As the New Arrival with full latest software, Foxwell NT604 diagnostic scanner with is able to read and clear fault codes, retrieve ECU information and view data stream for 4 main systems like engine, transmission, SRS and ABS. Moreover, this foxwell obd2 scanner contains full OBDII test modes and wide vehicle coverage as well. * 60+ Car Makes Covered: Compatible with almost all OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide, the NT604 code reader includes a wide variety of vehicle coverage with more than 60 common cars makes from America, Asia, Europe and China, the supported year differing from 1996 to 2020. * 10 OBDII Diagnosis For All Cars: Full OBD2 test modes for All Cars are available for this scan tool : read codes, clear codes, IM Readiness, data stream, Freeze Frame,O2 Sensor test, on-board monitor test, EVAP System Test and DTC lookup . * Live Data in Text and Graph: Showing Live sensor data and generating li...


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