Franklin Franklin Langie Portable interpreter German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Russian 1 pc(s




LANGIE - your personal interpretersPortable Simultaneous Translator for direct conversation in 52 languages. With voice input and output. For the private and commercial applications.The LANGIE accompanies you everywhere and ensures that the whole world immediately and smoothly with the local people. No text input or complicated looking for suitable words or phrases. You simply speak a set, while the voice button is pressed. LANGIE prompt gives her the translation spoken! Let your vis-à-vis now an answer in his native language and listen to the german translation. To control the display shows at the same time, the recorded and translated text. Perform fluent conversations in many different countries and languages. One push of a button!The handy device fits in your pocket and has an incredible 52 languages - over 40 of them with voice output. Connect your LANGIE with the W-LAN or on the way to the hotspot on the Smartphone. In this way your interpreter ready for use at any time. The translation services of t...