Fronius IG 2000 grid tied inverter




Fronius IG 2000 Inverter The IG 2000 is perfect for smaller applications, such as residential systems. This inverter offers high efficiency, precision MPP-tracking, and intelligent thermal management, all of which deliver high quality energy output from grid-tied photovoltaic systems. Rely on the IG 2000 for your solar power needs! Specifications: Max. DC Input Voltage: 500V Operating DC Voltage Range: 150V - 450V Max. Usable DC Input Current: 13.6A Max. Output Power: 2000W Nominal AC Output Voltage: 240V Max. AC Current: 8.35A Operating Frequency Range: 59.3 Hz - 60.5 Hz Manufacturer Part Number: 4,200,102,800 Features: Lightest grid-connected inverters making them easy-to-install The wide voltage range of 150-500 V allows you to use different types of modules and system configuration possibilities Integrated DC / AC disconnects reduce installation time and complexity User-friendly and comes standard with every Fronius IG; tracks more than 20 critical system performance parameters. Plug-and-Play Expansion...


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