FUEL LIFE In-Tank Fuel Stabilizer Filter (2-Pack)




Modern gasoline contains water, ethanol and other contaminants which make gas go bad quickly. Bad gas gums up the fuel system, causing engine problems like difficulty starting or running bad, especially after sitting in storage. FUEL LIFE is a patented fuel stabilization filter that is simply the best and easiest way to protect your engine and fuel system from bad gas. Simply drop in the fuel tank and it removes the water and contaminants that allow gas to go bad for up to 2-years. No chemicals, no measuring and no mess, just leave in the tank at all times and during operation (or remove by the high strength tether at any time). Use FUEL LIFE to save time and money by avoiding equipment repairs. Ethanol blended gas at the pump contains ethanol with water bound to it and ethanol attracts more water over time. As more water collects in the gas, it reaches a saturation point and falls out of the gas to the bottom of the tank and eventually that is pulled into your engine and fuel system. FUEL LIFE is a propri...


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