Functional Devices Enclosed Single 500VA Power Supply w/ 5 100VA Class 2 Outputs, 480/277/240/120 Vac to 24 Vac




Transformer: One 500 VA Over Current Protection: Circuit Breaker Frequency: 50/60 Hz Primary: 480/277/240/120 Vac Sub Panel: Plenum Rated Polymetal Housing: NEMA 1 Metal Enclosure 5 Secondaries: 24 Vac, with LED Indicators, 4 Amp breaker for each output 24 Vac ON/OFF: On / Off Switch & Breaker Input: 480/277/240/120 Vac Finger-Safe Terminals, 8-18 AWG Output: 5 Ungrounded, Isolated, 100 VA, Class 2, 24 Vac Outputs. Terminals accept 12-26 AWG wire. Ambient Temperature Derating: 4A up to 40C; 3A up to 50C; 2A up to 55C (When All 5 Outputs Operated Simultaneously)


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