Garden State Bulb Tulip Purple Delight Bulbs (50-Count/Pack)




The sight of colorful, cup-shaped tulips blooming outdoors is 1 of the most well-recognized and welcome signs of spring. Planted well before frost in the fall, these popular perennials are easy to grow and they will brighten your garden from early to late spring. This premium mix of tulip bulbs offers the highest quality bulbs, which will produce strong stems and large blooms with blends of purple. Tulips love some direct sunlight during the day and will produce beautiful flowers to grace your garden or provide lovely cut flowers for your vase. To maintain your tulips in a vase for at least a week, cut the stems diagonally, wrapping the upper portion of the flowers in a newspaper funnel. Stand tulips in cool water for a couple of hours, then re-cut stems before displaying.