Garden State Bulb Allium Persian Blue Bulbs (15-Count/Pack)




If you are looking for a uniquely beautiful, long-lasting, late spring to mid-summer blooming perennial to plant this fall, the Persian Blue Allium is a great choice. This premium variety of high-quality bulbs will give your garden hardy, gorgeous flowers. Because the stems grow up to 3 ft. T, they can be combined easily with low-growing plants such as hostas for a striking visual effect. Their spherical blooms look like globes from a distance, but they are actually formed from clusters of tiny star-shaped florets in shades of purplish blue. Persian Blue Allium like to make a dramatic entrance, as they will appear to rise almost overnight. Allium spread easily and will thrive with minimal attention. Because the Allium belongs to the onion family, many pests such as aphids, slugs and rodents do not care for their taste. They love full sun and grow well in almost any soil. Allium are resistant to drought, as they prefer somewhat drier conditions.