Garden State Bulb Daffodil King Alfred Bulbs (50-Count/Pack)




No flowers bring more cheer to your garden than bright and sunny yellow daffodil blooms, which are early signs that spring is on the way. Planted in the fall, daffodils are among the earliest flowers to grow and bloom in the spring. Daffodils belong to the Narcissus genus, which has historically symbolized rebirth and new beginnings. The hardy and easy-to-grow perennial is resistant to both deer and rodents, which don't like their taste. This premium mix contains high-quality bulbs, which will produce gorgeous, vibrant and healthy flowers for your garden. Daffodils prefer at least partial sunlight to thrive, and grow well in large, bright clusters. Because daffodil stems secrete a fluid that can wilt other types of flowers, either display them separately in a vase, or first soak them for a while and rinse the stems before adding to a mixed flower arrangement. While the most familiar varieties are yellow overall, the trumpet-shaped center of the daffodil bloom in some varieties exhibits a different color th...