Garden State Bulb Mammoth Elephant Ear Bulbs (2-Count/Pack)




Looking for an exciting plant for ground cover or to grow around your trees. Make a bold, dramatic statement in your garden with huge elephant ears from the tropics. Elephant ears are an excellent selection for partially shady areas, as they prefer filtered sunlight. This perennial plant has stunning green leaves that can grow to enormous sizes, making it obvious where they get their name, although elephant ear leaves are actually mostly heart-shaped. While the plants range from around 2 ft. to over 6 ft. H, their leaves may grow to anywhere between 8 in. to 3 ft. L and 2 ft. W. Elephant ears are easy to grow, though they cannot survive a hard frost and they can be grown indoors all year long in a large enough container. You can start a bulb indoors for 4-weeks to 6-weeks while waiting to plant outside in the spring. Elephant Ears are a great choice for planting near walls and fences or on patios, decks or poolside, for both added privacy and a tropical feel.