GASONE 100,000 BTU High Pressure Propane Burner Outdoor Cooker Turkey Fryer with Adjustable Leg and Steel Braided Hose




Gas One Portable Propane 100,000 BTU High-Pressure Single Burner Camp Stove and Steel Braided Regulator with Adjustable Legs Perfect for Brewing, Boiling Sap and Maple Syrup Prep. NO MORE BACKPAIN FROM COOKING OR BREWING WITH HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: With 2-sets of detachable legs, the B-3000H-1 allows for the usage of a taller burner to get rid of pesky back pains when having to crouch over to fire up a high-pressure burner. Remove a set of the detachable legs to create a short sturdy burner. EASY HEAT ADJUSTMENT WITH A REGULATOR HEAT DIAL: The B-3000H-1s Propane Regulator & hose/regulator has a built-in adjustable heat dial to control the flame directly from your regulator.