GE GE 30" Fingerprint Resistant Slate Freestanding Gas Convection Range With No Preheat Air Fry




* No Preheat Air Fry * Edge-to-edge cooktop * Integrated griddle * Edge-to-edge cooktop Continuous, edge-to-edge cooktop give you a large cooking space and can handle any cookware * Integrated griddle This integrated non-stick griddle leads the industry in size and quality, so you can cook a lot of food at once * Convection This gas convection oven cooks and browns more evenly, using a rear fan to circulate hot air * Self-clean with steam clean This self-cleaning oven uses optional steam cleaning for light soils to clean the oven cavity with less heat and odor * Center oval burner This center oval burner gives you a fifth burner and the perfect place to use griddles or odd-size cookware * No Preheat Air Fry With this air fryer right in the oven, you can cook healthier, crispier versions of your favorite foods. There's no preheat required and it shortens the cook time because every minute counts * Power boil burner This 18,000-BTU power boil element produces intense heat to boil water fast * Heavy duty, dis...


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